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Super String Theory

We now know that matter can be divided into atoms, and those atoms have the constituent parts of neutrons, protons, and electrons. These particles in turn are made of quarks. But what is the smallest unit that the world around us can be divided into. Well, that work is being done at CERN in Switzerland right now. Here is the video that helps explain perhaps the most pervasive theory of the universe YOU live in.


Paperless Society

I posted something on my other blog “VivatVeritas” that I think pertains to this topic also. Below is the link. Enjoy 🙂


Paperless Society on VivatVeritas

Cheaper Photovoltaics are on the Way !

Graph of Cost Analysis of Solar versus other Technologies

A company called 1366 Technologies may have finally broken the price barrier to allow solar energy to be as cheap as coal. This is done through improved manufacturing techniques that grow the silicon into sheets rather than physically cut in from and ingot.

This could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for to upscale into mass production.

The video can be found Here.

Via [Scientific America]

Wolverine Healing

Scientists have discovered that by turned off the p21 gene they can prod mice to regrow tissue that was surgically excised. Humans have this same gene, which seems inhibits regeneration, something that a newt can do. Well, superhuman healing might be just around the corner. It would make plastic surgery scar free and eventually could make organ transplantation a thing of the past.

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See through skin.

This is a fascinating medical technology that allows you to see through your skin. It uses infrared light sensors and a projector. You can watch the video here.

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New Soular Backpacks

Unlike other solar backpacks this model features a large panel and can provide up to 1000mA output via its lithium ion battery pack, that is enough to charge an iPod no problem.

The solar panel piece is a bag in itself and can be converted into an over the shoulder nap sack or attached to a regular backpack. The company also sells matching backpacks. This same manufacturer Neon Green makes a whole range of eco devices.

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Cars that are their own battery

Sounds like a great idea, now hurry up please.


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Ion Propulsion

Sample picture of ion engine in action.

Sample picture of ion engine in action.

This is the technology most likely to take us back into space and exploring other worlds. Pretty exciting stuff. NASA is doing everything they can to make his a reality for more than just space probes.

Keep the Internet Free

This is the official government website of the FCC that deals with net neutrality. If you believe that the internet should be completely open and don’t like service providers limiting your access you can voice your opinion here.